What is this?

This is a website / tool to edit and format JP -> EN lyrics translations for Kamitsubaki community wiki.

How to use

go to $DOMAIN/edit?room=$ROOM_NAME (e.g. when developing this site locally, I'm using "http://localhost:3000/edit?room=test_song")

Enter in the jp lyrics and en lyrics, make sure the lines matches (line 2 jp = line 2 en...).

The "compiled" markdown will be generated when you click the "refresh" button, or if "auto-refresh" is checked. A "render" will also be made to more easliy check if there's any mistakes.

Hopefully I didn't make too many mistakes. Ping me for fixes, changes, or new feature requests on discord: Iceman#7876.


Furigana (ruby notations) for kanji are queried from my server, which is automagically machine-generated with python's kakasi library.

If the automatic annotation is wrong, you can manually annotate in the japanese lyrics source, using curly brackets and round brackets, like this: